Filtered vs Delivered

Why choose filtered water over delivered bottle water?

Most companies and organisations in Ireland have moved away from the traditional delivered bottled water supply mainly to save money, up to 60% per annum but also due to the many other benefits and health & safety issues.

  • AWC Filtered Water Coolers use one of the leading filters on the market as standard in all of our coolers. Our Everpure filter removes 99.9% of all contaminants and the filtered water enters a vented sterile stainless steel tank of about 3 litres capacity before use so the filtered water is constantly being used. Less sodium and nitrate in filtered water than in delivered bottled mineral water.
  • As our water is from the mains supply it is free flowing whereas bottled water is stagnant in the plastic drum. Water in these bottles can be stored for two or three weeks before use! (You will see on all small bottles of water a note advising that water should be consumed within 3 days of opening).
  • Bottled water is susceptible to algae and bacteria growth within the water bottle if exposed to direct sunlight or placed near a window. All bottle coolers should have the water bottle covered while in use and have the stored bottles away from direct light and heat. A recent report disclosed that after the Food Safety Authority of Ireland tested bottled water in they discovered dangerous harmful bacteria including e-coli in 1 out of every 11 samples tested. This is highly alarming and also the fact that findings were relatively higher in Ireland than other European countries 1 out of every 119 samples were found.
  • Bottled water coolers must be sanitised every 13 weeks because of the interaction of water bottles with the cooler connection probe. If this area is not cleaned the water spilled here will get contaminated by air borne bacteria and can contaminate the main cooler reservoir. Our system is fully sealed so no such problems.
  • Bottled water cannot be used for boiling water, as the calcium levels will cause excessive scaling within the kettle. Not a problem with our filtered water supply.
  • Recent studies have reported that harmful chemicals from the plastic bottles containing the water can be released into the drinking water thus contaminating it.
  • Bottled water drums can weight 19kg and lifting, moving and changing these may pose a serious health and safety risk to you and your staff.
  • Bottled water drums both new and empty may prove awkward to store and you may not have sufficient space for these to be stored safely. Bottles may end up blocking exit doors or obstructing staff.
  • Bottle water ordering, dealing with deliveries and processing of fluctuating invoices is wasting valuable staff resources, no such problems with our point-of-use system.
  • Running out of bottled water, waiting on deliveries is inconvenient and annoying. With AWC filtered coolers it is a "fit & forget" drinking water solution and you have water on tap 24/7.

Point-of-use Filtered Water Coolers

What is involved with installing a point-of-use system?

  • Switching is very easy and straight forward, one of our representatives will call to your location to carry out a free on-site survey to check suitability and make recommendations. By no means has our system to be located beside a sink or mains water supply, you choose the location and we provide installation free of charge up to 20 meters (subject to survey) from the mains. In most cases we can locate one of our point-of-use coolers exactly where you have your delivered bottle water cooler located.
  • There is no major plumbing or piping involved; we merely take a connection from a mains water supply and using ΒΌ&Pound; piping (housed out-of-site) to your cooler location. We have our coolers located nationwide in hotel reception areas, hospital waiting areas, offices, and clinics are there is no unsightly piping or cabling to be seen.
  • Following the site survey we will provide you with a quotation specific to your requirements. You can then avail of our "7 day free trial offer" which allows you, your staff/clients the opportunity to use a filtered cooler alongside your existing bottle water cooler thus helping you and your staff make an informed decision on which system best suits your drinking water requirements.

Why choose AWC over another filtered water cooler supplier?

When choosing which company to purchase/rent your filtered water cooler from you should be aware of the relevant questions to ask to ensure you are going to receive the best quality and service possible. With the current market there is much competition but basing your decision solely on price alone is not a wise decision with this type of product. You need to look at the bigger picture and take into account all aspects of the product and service.

We can assure you that AWC can deliver on all aspects of quality and service mentioned below are would be happy to discuss in detail, but can the other company?

  • Physical cooler; Is it sturdy? Are parts replaceable? How strong are the taps? How deep is the trip tray (water will overflow if shallow),.Is there a anti-leak device fitted as standard?
  • Filter; What type of filter is being used? (many companies using inexpensive inferior quality filters). How often do they change the filters? Can they provide you with a filter specification?
  • Hidden Charges; Is there an installation charge? Do they charge Year 1Annual Maintenance & Service? Do they charge for breakdown call outs? Do they increase their Annual & Maintenance charges annually?
  • Service Reputation; What is included in a service? Can they provide you with reference sites to contact? What is their breakdown turnaround time? How qualified are their staff?

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